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Sunday, 31 March 2013 16:43

How do you mitigate risks during the website design?

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Joomla Bliss appreciates that a website design project involves multiple stakeholders; it requires clear and consistent communications and disciplined project management practices. We understand that some rework is unavoidable and will work until we are ensure that the client is fully satisfied with the results. Based on our experience and client feedback we developed what we believe is a “ZERO-RISK” strategy for our clients:

Designed-in quality:

  • Use cases are mapped out in granular detail and discussed with the client
  • Live prototype of a website and navigation/usability flow is created early in the project (design-from-the-end strategy)
  • Coding and QA are conducted by a professional software developer

Prompt communications protocol:

  • All emails are acknowledged
  • Replies are provided promptly
  • Meetings are scheduled upon client request at no additional charge

Granular project management:

  • Client approval is obtained for all milestones
  • Proper clarifications are obtained for each milestone
  • Project schedule does not change without client’s authorization

Fixed-cost all-inclusive contract:

  • No possibility of exceeding budget and running into unpredictable expenses
  • Training is included 
  • Support is included 
  • Project management is included

Client involvement in the design process:

  • Usability flow is clearly illustrated and explained to the client (via live prototype)
  • Clients’ input is incorporated via a three-tiered review process
  • There are no surprises and always time to modify what is necessary
  • The website is not released until the client is 100% happy with it; we will rework until we achieve full customer satisfaction.

While it is not possible to completely avoid all risks, it is quite possible to minimize and avoid all high and medium risks, and we are proud to have developed the type of a risk-free process for our web design clients that does exactly that.

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